Saturday, 24 October 2015

Applewood Decorative art Piece : 'Autumn Dance'

Finally I shade the Stag and add his features..he is now complete.
GMR 2015
I add subtle shading to the foliage, tree and foreground.

Background completed
I begin the process of burning the background, leaving the animal figure, background foliage and stars bare, to stand out in relief
Having sanded the wood to a fine smooth finish, I set my vertical line, then lightly pencil out my design.
Here is the first Pyro-art Piece created in my new home in Nottingham, following my recent move from Derbyshire.
  The Applewood slice measures 7.5 cm and features a stag in the moonlit forest as the leaves begin to fall...
   These pictures show the creation of the piece as I move through different stages..