Wednesday, 25 July 2018

'Dreams of Albion' Pen and Ink with Gouache

I have here a design of pen and ink with gouache, incorporating many of my favourite elements, together with a small related verse. The verse is designed to be read from right to left and bottom to top as follows..'Let the Stones sing..Let the Stones ring..Let the Stones speak their truth..Let the Stones hold their mystery..'

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Pyracantha Wood Decorative Keepsake

I've been using Pyracantha Wood for my Pyrography Art for a number of years now, and have produced keepsakes featuring all sorts of creatures. Pyracantha is my favourite wood for many reasons - it enables fine detail, has a wonderful colour and polishes to a nice sheen. But it is difficult to come by reasonable sized pieces, as this a shrub, rather than a tree. Many of my keepsakes are small, measuring perhaps 4-6 cm. Occasionally a larger piece come along, such as that shown here with my latest design 'Enchantment of Albion'.
  As far as I know I seem to be the only person using Pyracantha Wood for Pyrography!

Sunday, 8 April 2018

'Stork and the Tree of Souls'

This recently completed design was created on stiff watercolour paper measuring 10 x 15 cms. I used an ink and watercolour wash to begin with, then outlined using pen and ink. Finally filling in with gouache.
   I am intrigued by birds and the role they play in folklore and imagination..often fulfilling a spiritual role as messengers. The Stork and Crane feature in many myths and legends - the Stork being well known for 'bringing babies' I adapted this to the idea of the Stork travelling to the place where the Tree of Souls is growing. Perhaps he will carry a new Soul into the world...
'Stork and the Tree of Souls'

Monday, 26 February 2018

Pyrography Art Keepsakes

Here are two of my recent double- sided Wood Art pieces, created using my pyrography stylus. The wood slices, both Hazel, were carefully sanded in advance, in
order to provide the smoothest surface possible, which allows me to draw in high detail. After roughly sketching my design with pencil I take up my pyrography stylus and outline the design. Next I burn the entire background, leaving the main elements to stand out in relief. Finally I add shading and fine detail..
Reverse side 'Breath of the Great Bear'
  The Keepsakes measure less than ten centimetres..

'Breath of the Great Bear'

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Pen and Ink with Gouache 'Hope'

Inspired by seeing a tree in blossom locally - a very hopeful sign that spring may be around the corner! For this design I used watered down ink for the background and sky and mainly gouache for the tree.

Pen and Ink Design 'Moonsong'

This pen and ink design follows the same format as the previous picture 'In Days of Boar', a simple but pleasing symmetrical, mandala-like layout. This time my centrepiece is the Wolf..and I have plans for similar designs with different animals to come..