Pyro- jewellery Designs

'Eye' Pendant design on Pyracantha GMR 2016

Wolf Pendant design on Pyracantha GMR 2016
Jewellery selection GMR 2015
Wolf Brooch design GMR 2015
Dragon Brooch design GMR2015
'Cernunnos' Pendant Design
This Eagle Head design is on a slice of Applewood, with bronze chain and added beads..
Here are a variety of Brooch and pendant designs
'Seepy Fox' Pyracantha Pendant

Fox Pendant measures 4 x 4 cm
3.8cm birchwood discs ready to be made into brooches and pendants

3.8cm Birchwood Pendant design

Birchwood Pendant design

Hare design on yew
Bear design on Hazel
Magpie design on birch
Birch jewellery pieces
Mr Moose and friends...
Yew Pendant 'Om Ah Hum'

Yew Pendant with Runes of the Elder Futhark

Yew Pendant 'Rise'
A selection of  brooches. The deer in the centre is Pyracantha wood
birchwood Whale brooch
Birchwood Elephant Brooch
Three birchwood pendants
Birchwood Goddess Pendant
Birchwood 'Green Man' brooch
Birchwood brooch designs
Mixed selection of brooches and pendants
Ladybird on hazel

Hare on hazel

Tree frog on hazel
Lizard on Hazel

Snake design on Hazel

Runes on Hazel

Hazel with Bear Paw
The larger pieces in this selection of pendants- to-

be are Rhododendron wood
Yew has distinctive colouring and the bark is poisonous, but the wood is suitable for many uses.
Apple is smooth and fine for many uses including jewellery making.

Hazel is distinctive and beautiful wood to work with. There is a coppery tinge to the bark and the heartwood is creamy, very hard, and good for all kinds of craft work, including jewellery making

These are solid birch pieces..'blanks' which I buy in for my jewellery making
Making jewellery is the outcome of my love for detail. It comes naturally to me to work on a very small scale in all my artistic endeavors, and jewellery making allows me to indulge this passion by creating tiny individual works of art and earning a living at the same time!
  As you'll see from the pictures shown, most of my designs are pagan, with my favourite creatures ( fox, owl, hare and deer) cropping up frequently. I'm also fond of symbols, particularly the Runes of the Elder Futhark, so I like to include those from time to time. I use a variety of woods, both 'natural' pieces, like Hazel, Apple and Pyracantha with the bark still intact, and bought in Birch 'blanks' which are available in a wide variety of geometric shapes of different sizes. I do not , however, use birch ply, which is available cut into all sorts of animal shapes for craft use. Whilst these pieces are great for painting and other craft projects, they are not ideal for jewellery, as ply-wood is less hard wearing. Whichever type of wood I use, sanding to an extremely smooth, fine surface is essential, and I have five grades of increasingly fine papers for this. Even with bought in blanks, I sand with these different grades of paper, both sides of the piece and edges too. This means that when I come to wax and polish at the end I can achieve a really good finish.
   When my small wood 'canvas' is ready for use, I began by lightly drawing the main design onto the wood - this is generally just the bare outline of the animal, tree or whatever the subject. The style I have developed involves burning the backgound, to leave the main subject as bare wood standing out in relief. The majority of my pieces are designed this way, so I tend to include moon and stars, creating small nightscapes. Alternatively, if the design calls for 'daytime' or if the wood I am using has an attractive patterning or colouring, then I will leave the background bare and apply most of the burning to the animal subject.
   I sell my jewellery at local art and craft events and in my Etsy shop - houseofthegreenlady.
Hazel slice Pendant

Applewood slice Pendant
Pyracantha Pendant design

Sycamore Pendant
Sycamore Pendants


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