Saturday, 26 October 2019

Pear Wood Pyrography Art Keepsake 'Autumns Tale'

This small slice of Pear wood was the perfect shape for my vision of Autumn embodied in the guise of a beautiful maiden passing through the woods..with golden leaves falling softly to the ground all around her. The night is clear, with bright moon and myriad stars to light her way. Beneath her feet ( on the base of the Keepsake) a hedgehog sleeps..
   Of course, although my mind sees these images in colour..there is a limit to wood, and so I wrote my poem to accompany the Keepsake :
                  Shall I tell you of the Moon in a diamond studded sky..
                  Bestow upon you blessings of My Lady passing by..
                  Give you golden leaves falling softly to the ground
                  As the world keeps gently turning
                  In it's endless sacred Round..

Monday, 7 October 2019

'Moonkeepers' Pen and Ink design (with Gouache)

My latest design features a favourite creature - the Raven!
   I love Corvids, Ravens in particular..and never tire of drawing them, on wood or paper.
This design is primarily pen and ink on watercolour paper, with a few touches of gouache here and there. Measures a little less than A5.

Totem Animal Pyrography Keepsakes

It's been a while since I posted pictures of my pyrography work. I create items of jewellery using primarily Hazel and Birch wood virtually eveyrday, and post pictures on Instagram, Facebook and Etsy. My 'Keepsakes' are generally small stand alone decorative pieces which a lot of folk buy as gifts or to stand on shrines and alters. Most of my Keepsakes feature Totem animals, and are made from small slices of hardwoods such as Apple, Pear, Holly and Box.
   Here are just a few recent examples. You can see more on my Instagram page : House of the Green Lady...
    The pieces shown here are all between  five and eight centimetres only...