Sunday, 27 May 2012

Elen of the Ways -An ancient British Goddess

  I have recently come into contact with this fascinating yet little known figure- 'Elen of the Ways'...The ancient Goddess is associated with the old trackways, byways, forests and ley-lines of 'Albion' -the old name for Great Britain. She is a solar deity, also associated with springs of water...and very distinctive as a female antlered Goddess. She has strong connections with reindeer and elk. I have only just begun to get to know her, but have already been inspired to write a short poem in her honour, and to create a pyrographed pendant with some of her imagery...I think she has been guiding me for a while without my knowing, as I produced a drawing over a year ago, called 'Spirit of Albion' which is quite clearly Elen, although I did not know of her at the time.

                                                       Elen of the Ways

     Lady of the ley-lines, Elen of the Ways,
     Essence of the forest, and sacred sunlit days -
     Through dappled green we glimpse her,
     A dance of shimmering Light -
     A vision on the pathway...a graceful Hart of White..

Monday, 14 May 2012

Thursday, 3 May 2012

'Seeking Odin ( In conversation with a Tree) Work in progress

                              'Have you seen my Lord today- that one-eyed wanderer clothed in grey..?
                               I wish to learn His sacred Lore, to see with mine eyes what he saw..'

                              'He passed this way an hour before, and I, according to Forest Lore,
                               Transformed my shape to honour him- that mighty Seer, the Lord Odin..'