Thursday, 29 October 2015

A House move and a new Studio!


One of my greatest joys since arriving in my new home has been setting up my new studio space in the tiny second bedroom, overlooking the garden..
  The light is very good, so the room is bright, and very cosy. I have arranged my small desk to sit by the window, where I can while away my time gazing out at the vista of back gardens, chimneys and alleyways..and become absorbed watching the cats slink along the tops of walls, the many magpies flying between rooftops, calling to one another, and birds gathering at bird feeders in neighbouring gardens...
  I have arranged some of my best loved books in a small bookcase, but need more shelving. I've unpacked my pencils, paper and paints. My pyrography machine is set up and I have wood. All I have to do now is await the muse. I confidently anticipate magical times ahead..

              Welcome to my Studio!
              This space where new ideas may grow
              And shape themselves with heart and mind
              Until with gladness we may find..
              A piece of wood transformed in Art
              And pictures from The Lotus Heart..


My little desk
I love the orange walls of my new studio!