Saturday, 28 March 2015

Pyro -Art Pyracantha piece 'Lean on Me'

Take one nicely shaped slice of Pyracantha- the beautiful 'Firethorn', round off the corners and sand through four increasingly fine grades of sandpaper, to achieve a beautifully smooth finish to the flat the shape, feel the wood, let it whisper in your ear of what is contained within..then take up your pencil and lightly trace those images revealed to you. Work slowly, because magic takes time..finally, take up your pyrography stylus and begin the burn..remain open to what is to come..and listen for the the secrets to be  told. Pay honour to the wood..when all is complete, apply layer after layer of wax, polishing gently between each application..when all is done..give thanks.
     Here is my latest pyro art piece entitled 'Lean on Me'. The words incsribed are 'Beloved Earthchild, for thee I breathe..lean on me'.

Pyracantha has a distinctive bristly bark