Buddhist ( Dharma) Art

'Wrathful Deity'
'Inner Mandala'

'Adoration of the Flowers'

'Cosmic Buddha'
'Stupa of Light'
'Love Mandala'
'Bodhi Mandala'
'Green Tara'
'Compassionate Eyes'
'Primordial Purity'
                                                                   'Nothing to Say'
'White Orchid'
'Buddha Amitabha'
'Dance the Dance'
'White Tara'
'Bodhi Heart'
'Lotus Butterflies'
These drawings were created between 2004 and 2010 as an expression of deep meditation in my Buddhist practice. Meditation can create clarity in the mind which sometimes results in an intensification of sensual feelings as a result of heightened awareness. Colours are experienced more vividly, hence the brightness of these drawings, which are all made with coloured pencils. The 'psychadelic' style of these pictures is entirely due to meditation rather than any other kind of stimulant!
  In my practice I learnt a variety of different kinds of meditation -  such as the 'metta' practice, effective in opening the heart to acceptance and appreciation of oneself, and an ever widening empathy with others..and 'nsight' meditation, which aims to bring about a direct experience of the Buddhist view of reality.
  Throughout my involvement in these practices I continued to create artwork, and these drawings reflect some of their effects expressed creatively.