Thursday, 29 September 2011


This week Britain has been basking in very hot and unseasonal weather, and the butterflies - much to my delight - have come out to play! I have been spotting and photographing all sorts, but the Red Admirals have been particularly evident, clustering around ivy flowers and blackberries.

I've always loved butterflies, and have often included them in my designs, so I'm pleased to have these latest pictures for inspiration and enjoyment...

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Ode to Nottingham

East Midlands Queen, so fair of face,
Once arrayed in ribbon and lace,
It seems some try to bring you down,
Yet still you wear the county crown -
Your flag of red and green flies high
Admired by all the passers by...

And still within the Market Square
Folk are bustling here and there,
Magestic Fothergill still stands proud
And Little John chimes deep and loud.
The tram heads off for Shipstone Street,
And by the lions two lovers meet...

Around your feet the Trent still flows,
Flowers bloom, The Forest grows,
And every year there comes the fayre
With fun and thrills for those who dare...

And Robin Hood - where are you now?
We still recall your ancient vow...
Tell thrilling tales of all you did,
Of Sherwood Forest where once you hid... 

East Midlands queen you stole my heart!
And thus I offer - this my Art...

Monday, 26 September 2011

Designs for Nottingham - Celebrating Goose Fayre!

I managed to finish this design just in time to take it along to an event at Papplewick Pumping Station, on Sunday 25th September.  The design includes, on the left, the recently launched new Nottinghamshire flag , and on the right, the flag of Englands patron saint -St. George...Centre stage are the geese, associated with the history of the annual fayre which this year will be the 717th. Folk around here are getting pretty excited as the big wheel goes up...and the goose is in place at the junction of Mansfield Rd. and Gregory Boulevard. I live 5 minutes walk from the site and can see all the preparations going on ...

Monday, 19 September 2011

'ART ON THE SQUARE' Sunday 18th September

Yesterday I attended 'Art on the Square', a local artmarket which has been taking place once a month in the old market square, Nottingham. This was my fifth and final stall for this year, and in terms of weather, probably the best day! These art-markets have been a wonderful opportunity to show and sell some of my work, and a valuable chance to meet local people, chat about art, and get instant feedback on my designs, so I have found it extremely helpful in finding a new sense of direction for my designs.
    Yesterday, the market square also played host to the Royal Air Force, who held a parade there. Here are some photographs of the day...

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Designs for Nottingham - work in progress

Following on from 'The Nott-Knot Tree', I've decided to try and come up with a few designs with a Nottingham theme suitable for printing up as postcards and greetings cards for sale locally. 

   I began this design last week, and hope finish within the next six or seven days...

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Exploring Celtic Knotwork...'The Nott-Knot Tree' ( completed drawing)

Here's my finished drawing, completed in 3 weeks. It is called 'The Nott-Knot Tree'. The design, drawn from my imagination, is inspired by my inner vision of Nottingham.
    the Nott-Knot tree has its rootsin Nottinghamshire's rich historic past - the design includes panels of lace, representing the lace industry, Geese to represent the ancient and present day goose fair, oak leaves which stand for Sherwoode Forest, and apples to represent the local Bramley. At the very top of the tree, keeping watch as it were, perches a robin....who is in reality Robin Hood himself, in cunning disguise...