Pyro-Art Pieces

'Forest Dance' Pyrography on Apple
'Jackalope' pyrography on Sycamore

Five centimetre Birchwood Square

''Wanderers' Five centimetre Birchwood square
'Family Tree' was a commissioned piece designed to represent the commissioners family. More pictures of this piece can be found at the original post dated 20th July 2015.
Sleeping Fawn on Apple
''Nine Glory Twigs' Pyrography on Sycamore
Small pyracantha Art-piece - 'News at Midnight'. A lot of my pieces tell a story..this one is no exception.  Fox has been awakened from his slumber by Crow, who brings important news..what can that be..?
This Yew piece, which I named 'Fantasia' has designs across all sides plus each end. This is the view when the piece is held horizontally...

The other two sides feature this this totem tree design, viewed vertically. For more pictures of this piece please see the original post from 1st July 2015
My 'Winter Flight' design was inspired by the markings of the grain on this little piece of fruitwood.  The grey markings sweep across the wood in such a way as to suggest clouds in a winter sky, so I took this as  the basis and inspiration for my design.

I used this wedge shaped Yew slice to create 'Willow Woman' an old bent tree design...
'Lean on Me' Pyrography on Pyracantha

'Lean on Me' retains beatiful bark texture on the reverse

'The Sorcerer' pyrography on Sycamore. This is my rendering of a well known figure painted on a cavern wall in France in pre-historic times. Thought to be some kind of shamanic figure by some, although mystery surrounds the figure. I have always found it captivating..indeed I am enthralled and inspired by all ancient artworks, carvings and megaliths..
'While Fox did sleep' Pyrography on Sycamore

'Flower Fox' Pyrography on Sycamore
The tip of my Peter Childs Pyrography Tool is very fine.
This is a piece of Pyracantha wood ready for use. I may handle and look at it for a long time before the design becomes apparent..Where possible I will incorporate the patterns of the grain into the design and also take into consideration the overall shape of the piece..whether it is to hang or stand..and whether it is to be pyrographed on more than one side..
'Root and Jet-the-Crow' Pyrography on Yew. Working with the colouring already present on this Yew Piece I created my little character..a kind of sprite or tree spirit, sitting in conversation with his pal Jet ( the crow) who always brings news of the latest goings on in the forest...So fond of Root did I become, that I later allowed him to reappear in an illustration.. 
'Midnight Owl' pyrography on Pyracantha
'Follow the Magic' is a very small Birchwood 'Tile' measuring just 7.5 x 3 cm

This birch tile measures just 7.5 x 3 cm

Very small Birchwood tile measuring just 7.5 x 3cm
'Seedmore' pyrography on Pyracantha. Here we have a warrior tree spirit, who wandets the world spreading tree blessings...

'Forest Dancer' pyrography on Birch
'Bears Vow' pyrography on Sycamore

Pictish Symbols on Yew
'Glastonbury Thorn' on Pear
Double sided Fox Spirit on Yew

Double sided Fox Spirit on Yew
'Moonwind' Pyrography on Holly
'Totem Tree Spirit'
'Waiting for Supper' Pyrography on Pyracantha
'Moonshadow' Pyrography on  Applewood
Pyrography on Sycamore
'Green Man' Pyracantha and Yew

'Wyrd' Pyrography on Pyracantha with Watercolour Paper

'Birch Magic' Pyrography on Birch

'Ancient Days' Pyrography on Pyracantha

Four sided 'Story' Block
Four sided 'Story' Block
Four sided 'Story' Block
Four sided 'story' Block
Double sided design on Pear wood

Double sided design on Pear wood'

pyrography on Sycamore
Three Sycamore Tiles

Pyrography on Apple
'Honouring Odin' pyrography on Apple
These pictures show a selection of my 'Pyro-art' pieces created using a variety of wood types.
    After a good deal of experimentation I've found the kinds of wood which best suit my desire to create detailed designs. These are mainly the slower growing varieties such as fruit woods, although suitable pieces are not always easy to come by. I use a good deal of Apple, and have also found Birch to be nice to work with..however my favourite wood is Pyracantha ( Firethorn) with its lovely textured bark and smooth, fine grained heartwood. Whenever possible I prefer to use interesting and unusual wood shapes, rather than pre-bought blank 'plaques' which are sold for pyrography, and always try to allow the wood itself to dictate the design. There are many recurring themes of course, which reflect my particular passions..such as gnarly trees, 'standing stones'..owls and foxes! Some of my pieces are fitted with chains for hanging, but more often I leave them as stand alone curios so that they can be handled and turned over, especially as a lot are multi sided and often include short verses to accompany the artwork. Runes of the Elder Futhark are another of my passsions, very well suited for inclusion in wood art, as they help to express the magical essence of tree and wood.

A selection of decorative pieces and jewellery
Here is a very small piece of Box wood- perfect for my spreading tree design

Pyrography on 7cm applewood disc
This Applewood slice was just right for my 'Meditation on Harmony' design, featuring Fox at one with the Universe...

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