'Earth and Stone' Miniature
'The Contemplative' Pen and ink with watercolour
'Three Bees'
Early flower studies from the 1970's
Hawthorn study -one of my first attempts with watercolours, Norfolk 1978

I was fortunate to win this lovely trophy for 'Greymoss' in 2014

''Greymoss' spreads tree blessings using his magical acorn
Greymoss is a little character who came to me as a special kind of tree Spirit Warrior. He travels the land dispensing tree blessings in places where trees have been lost..
'Over green velvet hills, in the sun, let us run..
To the woods and the trees, dancing leaves, may we come..
Amongst birds in the endless blue sky shall we fly..'
'Runetree' with runes of the Elder Futhark

Watercolour Miniature'
'Blossom Time'
Behold my Grace..each petal cast to the wind, my blessing and my prayer..
Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly
Red Admiral Butterfly
Peacock Butterfly
'Water Bear'
'Meditation on Harmony'
Watercolour is the medium I use least, although I have dabbled regularly over the years. I like the effect of the muted translucent colours..yet often find myself wanting to add definition with pen and ink!

'Yoginis Dream' watercolour and pen and ink
Hare Miniature
Spirit Hare Miniature
'Wheel of the Year'
'Eli McCraw'
'Follow the Swallow'

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