Thursday, 23 March 2017

'Old Major' Watercolour Painting

Inspired by my visits to Sherwood Forest I've finally produced a likeness of the Major Oak, something I've long been wanting to do!
'Old Major' watercolour painting 
  I've concentrated on one particular angle of the great trunk - where it appears to split into two huge branches which seemingly have 'faces' looking towards the left and the other looking downwards. When you walk around the tree these faces are clearly visible. One looks particularly grumpy, and I like to imagine it grumbling to itself about having to take the weight of the tree year upon year.!
The 'two faces' of the Major Oak

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Pyro Art Keepsake : 'The Secret Keeper'

This small slice of boxwood features my imaginary tree character, who is the 'Secret Keeper' for the Enchanted Forest, the Forest of dreams..Creatures of the forest come to the Secret Keeper to communicate their worries, fears and woes..which are stored in the sack at the base of Secret Keepers roots and remain there never to be told. Having unburdened themselves, the creatures leave with lighter hearts! The design is double sided, with the Secret Keeper one side, and the sack of secrets verso.
 These photos show some of the stages of work..