Pen and Ink Work

Brumaris GMR 2015

'Tashi Owl' Pen and ink with Gouache 2015
'Kodama' Tree Spirit . Pen and ink with coloured pencil
'Ritual' 7cm Miniature
'Enlightened Owl' 7cm Miniature. Pen and Ink with gouache
'Heron Wood' 7cm Miniature
'Fox Linden and the Ringing Bluestones' Part of a series which include a short story
Hare meets the Spirit of the Forest ( Forest of Dreams series)

'Tashi Owl' Forest of Dreams
'Valley of Ancient Dreams'
''Echoes of Avalon' Pen and Ink
'Mandala of the Ways' celebrating cycles and seasons and the sacred feminine
Detail from 'Autumnia'
Brigghu Massie is a design I explored on several different coloured papers. Predominantly pen and ink, with coloured pencil highlights

'Skyfields' Pen and ink with gouache

'Diadem' pen and ink miniature
'Echoes of Albion' A4 size. Ink and gouache
'Sunkeepers' Ink on Watercolour paper

I started using pen and ink way back in the seventies when I was still a youngster! My pocket money wouldn't stretch to many colours ( art materials were expensive even back then!) so I mainly used black. I can remember creating very complicated black and white designs and patterns using just a dip pen and rather cheap paper.
   Well I still love using pen and ink..and I still find materials expensive! Nevertheless, I have a few more colours in my repertoire these days, and tend to use a technical pen rather than dip pens, although they still come in handy from time to time. I like experimenting with ink on different paper surfaces, and surprisingly discovered that textured paper intended for pastel work takes the ink very well without bleeding, so I use this sometimes as it comes in a nice range of colours. As with most of my artwork, the drawings shown here are quite small..many are A5 or smaller.
My favourite Aerocolour inks come in a good range of colours, and also have a very useful dropper.

'The Shamans Tree' Pen and Ink Miniature
'Under the Sun, Beneath the Moon' Pen and Ink with gouache

Pen and Ink Crow Miniature
Double sided Miniature with crows and Runes
'Earth and Sky'
'A Murder of Crows'
'Tree of Wonder' white ink on dark blue textured paper

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