Sunday, 29 November 2015

Completed drawing 'Elens Wood'

Well here is my little drawing, completed today. 'Elens Wood' is the latest of several different representations I've made of 'Elen of the Ways', an ancient British goddess associated with the old trackways, and with reindeer, amongst other things. I'll be putting together a little more information about Elen for a future post, along with the different images I've made of her over the last few years.
   This little drawing was created using coloured pencils on bristol board.
'Elens Wood' G.M.R 2015

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Small Illustration 'Elens Wood ' Work in Progress

A few days ago I made a start on this little drawing..progress is fairly slow, as I'm working on it alongside my pyrography work, but it makes for a very pleasant change in between.
I still have a fair way to go with the background..

Pyrographed Jewellery Selection

I'm busy with a variety of projects at the moment..all involving drawing of course. I'm making all kinds of jewellery pieces like the selection shown here. These birchwood shapes will be made into brooches and pendants for sale in my Etsy shop houseofthegreenlady.
  In between jewellery making, I have a small illustration on the go, which gives me the chance to use a bit of coming up in my next post..
Jewellery selection G.M.R 2015

Saturday, 14 November 2015

'Kodama' (Tree Spirit) Pen and Ink Design

In Japanese folklore there is belief in tree spirits sometimes known as 'Kodama'.
  For me, sometimes, the sound of a particular word may spark ideas, images and feelings. So it is with this word 'Kodama' which has shaped itself into the image shown here.
 I used textured pastel paper with a light stone grey tone, and lightly sketched the main image, then worked freehand with my fine black technical pen. Colour was added using coloured pencils.
'Kodama' G.M.R 2015

Detail from 'Kodama'
Detail from 'Kodama'

Birds in my Autumn Garden

One of the pleasures of my art sudio is that it overlooks my little back garden, so as I sit by the window drawing ( or thinking about it) I can gaze out at the jumble of back yards and watch the weather, trees, cats and birds coming and going, and capture a few images with my camera. Some of these little birds will make good models for future drawings..
This is a useful back view of the female blackbird, showing folded wings, and tale feathers.

Pyracantha berries are very attractive to many birds

Female blackbirds have speckled breasts

This Blue Tit was attracted by honeysuckle berries