Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Exploring Celtic in progress

Work continues slowly on this design, which I have decided to name 'The Nott-Knot Tree'....More elements still being added which will link it with Nottingham. I've realized that it is looking more Eastern than I had intended though....I think ten years of being steeped in Indian and Middle Eastern culture has affected me quite deeply and still comes through in my artwork unintentionally.....
    Unintentional though it may be, I am happy for the design to reflect and celebrate the multi-cultural atmosphere of Nottingham, which I love and am inspired by.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

'Essence of Albion'

Heres a drawing I completed last week...The design results from my continuing exploration of pagan and celtic themes, and inter-connectedness. I have included a number of elements associated with the forest. Oak leaves and acorns, ferns, a shield-bug and Stag Beetle ( although I have changed the colour of the Stag Beetle from black to white) the drawing was created using pen and ink and coloured pencil.

Exploring Celtic in progress

      I've recently begun exploring Celtic knotwork and design, with a view to creating a new series of  drawings which would express this style - the native style of the British Isles. Although I've always loved and admired Celtic work, this is my first attempt at creating my own designs.  The method involves a very high degree of accuracy in laying out the basic grid to which one works, and a high level of concentration in order to build up the intricate designs. This aspect of the work has a very strong appeal for me and I view it as a's not at all surprising that in the past this kind of work was produced by monks who dedicated their lives to this form of artwork and pruduced stunning illuminated manuscripts.
     My own work will be much simpler...but will hopefully embody something of that particulary British flavour which was later carried through into art nouvou design and illustration...

     Work in progress...