Thursday, 29 October 2015

A house move..and a new Garden!

Three weeks ago I moved from Derbyshire back to Nottingham, where I used to live ( in fact, my new home is yards away from the house I lived in before moving to Derbyshire!)
 The home in question is a small Victorian terrace situated in inner-city Nottingham, among hundreds of similar properties..yet I adore these red brick terraces set in rows with tiny alleyways leading between houses and brick backyards - they have a great deal of charm and beauty. In thundery weather the light causes rooftops and chimneys to glow vividly against the dark skies, and in wet weather the streets shine...
   My garden space is small, yet promising. Walled all round and paved with flagstones, but with a
beautiful Eucalyptus tree growing at the end of the garden, bewtween mine and the garden opposite, and a large fig tree two gardens along. I have a small raised bed planted with flowers and a stone wall. And trellis covered with Ivy, Jasmine , Honeysuckle and PYRACANTHA! Yes, my joy knew no bounds when I discovered Pyracantha growing in my own garden, as well as trailing through from next door! In time I hope to lift some of the paving slabs and gradually plant more flower beds..
  I'll be training and pruning the Pyracantha, which is quite a large specimen in time I may be able to use a little of it in my work..
These Pyracantha berries brighten my garden and attract the birds..

I love the chimney tops of Forest Fields!
This Eaucalyptus sways and rustles in the breeze..