Monday, 13 April 2015

Springtime Pyro Jewellery Pieces

Here is a small selection of some of my recent Jewellery designs..along with the larger decorative art piece 'Waiting for Supper'..

Pyro-Art piece 'Waiting for Supper'

This is a slim section of pyracantha measuring 13cm x 3.5 cm, which I've used to tell a simple tale..I do love to conjure stories around my artwork! We see two tawny owls..I believe the one in flight is Mr Owl - returning from a fruitless search for a dainty morsel..all the while Mrs Owl has been sitting on her favourite stump, awaiting his return. Beneath the stump, down amongst the tree roots, someone with quivering whiskers is sitting very quietly...Do our pair of Owls sense her presense..? Will any of these three creatures receive supper this night...? One may turn this piece of wood in ones hands..and imagine a

variety of conclusions to the tale..

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

'The Meditation of Mr Fox'

'The Meditation of Mr Fox' is the title of my third drawing featuring this little foxy character and friends!
   I began drawing him in 2013, and now with the latest picture I've realized that he has something of a story developing, which may perhaps get written one day..
   In order to place my new drawing in context, here are the three pictures all together..
In the first, Mr Fox is seen dancing lightly along a trackway accompanied by his friend Hare. They are both in high spirits as Fox plays merrily upon his flute..
  Time passes...a year or two later we find Mr Fox striding purposefully towards the Misty Woods,with his staff in hand. He is accompanied this time by two Corvids, who are helping to guide him on his path towards this most sacred and magical of woodland realms. Clearly Mr Fox has become something of a seeker after Truth..
  Time doubt Fox has seen and heard, puzzled and wondered, and stood in awe over many things.. now we find him seated in blissful meditation, again accompanied by Hare ( who is also a little older and wiser) and new friend Badger. Our good hearted Fox is enjoying a transcendant experience, during which he learns two things which are of great importance to his future.The first, is his True name -'Russet Loveleaf' and the second is his vocation, and path for the next stage of his spiritual development...this will no doubt become clear in future drawings..