Sunday, 31 July 2011

Spiritual (Dharma ) art - Dance the dance

                                                     Dance the dance.....!
                                                     I in you and you in me-
                                                     Each in all and all in each,
                                                     Atom by atom, cell by cell-
                                                     Wholeness and Completion
                                                     Reflected in all things......
                                                     And in this indesribable Freedom,
                                                     Free of all restrictions,
                                                     Bliss and joy reign supreme
                                                     And the fount of Love pours forth unbounded......                                                

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Green Inspiration

Yesterday morning I began work on a new drawing after a break of a week or so since finishing 'Tree of Wonder'. I'm using pen and ink once again, and continuing to draw inspiration from nature. Here are some photos I took yesterday afternoon as I walked across The Forest and through the Arboretum - great places for inspiration and source material......

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Pen and ink drawings - Tree of Wonder

Pen and ink drawings - Trees

Here's my latest tree drawing.....which I completed last night. Bit of an experiment for me, as  I have never tried using white ink before. The ink was a bit of a pain to work with as it clogs the pen very quickly, so you have to keep washing the nib out - this makes for slow progress.......however, I do quite like the effect of white on dark blue background......I call this drawing - Tree of Wonder


Friday, 8 July 2011

Spirit of Albion

Pen and ink drawings

This image is based on the Green Man , but is also connected with my earler Dharma Art and drawings of Buddhist this is a kind of fusion of Green Man and Buddha - a kind of environmental protector deity.....

Pen and ink drawings

Here's an image that's been in my head for a while now.....and I think I'll be exploring it further with future drawings - it's the idea of antlers or horns as organic..... living and growing and transforming into plant stems or branches, or becoming supports for other types of growth......

Pen and ink drawings - Trees

Pen and ink drawings - Trees

This is something of a fantasy tree....outlined using pen and ink, then coloured with pencil........
I call this ' Tree of Good fortune'

Pen and ink drawings - Trees

I've recently been working with pen and ink which is the medium I originally started using to create intricate patterns when I was about ten years old......quite strange to find that the original Windsor and Newton inks I used all those years ago still come in exactly the same attractive little boxes. I'm really enjoying the simplicity of drawing with a dip-pen once again and using a very limited colour pallette......after the bright colours of my Dharma Art it feels quite refreshing and new to be working in this way.......

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Spiritual (Dharma) Art - 'Trinity'

Spiritual (Dharma) Art - 'The Guardian

Spiritual (Dharma) Art - 'Nothing to say'

Spiritual (Dharma) Art - 'White Tara'

Spiritual (Dharma) Art - 'Primordial Purity'

Spiritual (Dharma) art - 'Green Tara'

Spiritual (Dharma) art - ' Lotus Butterflies'

Spiritual (Dharma ) art - 'Inspiration'

Introducing my Dharma artwork..........

        I've had a life-long passion for myth, legend and religion......and the wonderful and beautiful art that accompanies these belief systems, and this has always influenced my own art.  The strongest influence in recent years has come from my buddhist practice.......
        In 2001 I discovered Western Buddhism and threw myself into a buddhist lifestyle wholeheartedly.....Immersing myself in meditation, devotional practice and sacred buddhist texts had a very strong effect upon my entire being......and this was reflected in my artwork, and resulted in a series of gradually evolving drawings which I created over the next eight years. Working slowly whilst maintaining a meditative state, enabled me to create very highly detailed drawings using coloured pencil. It often felt as though these images simply appeared by themselves......rather than me deciding what to draw -  usually when I began a piece, I had no idea what the drawing was going to be.........