Saturday, 20 June 2015

Tashi Owl and the Pool of Meditation

Within ten minutes of  completing 'Tashi Owl' I found a magical Owl feather in the woods!
Tashi appears to be meditating upon Sacred Geometry
The white dots stand proud
This is my second Tashi Owl picture..and pretty similar to the previous one, which was sold as a miniature. I became quite fond of Tashi when I was drawing him the first time decided he was worth repeating..just on a slighly larger scale. This version is about twice the size of the first..although still only measuring 14 x 9.5 cm and extremely detailed. It was created using ink, gouache and watercolour. I'm going to keep this one as part of my personal collection, but may have some prints made to sell in my Etsy shop. It has taken me just under a week to create, and I finished it this afternoon ( June 20th 2015 New Years Eve) having worked on it most of the day. So having added the last dot, I headed straight for the hills and woods behind my house for some fresh air and relaxation...well, that midsummer magic must have been in the air, for what did I find beneath my favourite Beech tree.? An
Detail showing the 'Pool of Meditation' for which I used irridescant turqoise ink
 owl feather of course! Tashi Owl must have been preening himself up there in my favourite tree..and left a little treasure for me to find!  

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