Monday, 1 June 2015

Applewood Pyro-art Piece 'Here I Stand'

This is a small branch from an apple tree, sliced at an angle, then sanded to provide a smooth
There appears to be a 'secret tunnel' between these two sections!
Tawny Owl
flat area for the design across the face and also at either end. The piece measures 15 x 5 cm.
  The design is a wide spreading tree, with branches reaching to either end, enhancing the '3d' effect. I love the idea of being able to in a sense, 'expand space' by creating a scene which one enters into through the imagination - here is a world within a small piece of wood, in which stands an ancient tree, within an ancient landscape, populated by several birds -corvids of course! At one end a tawny owl in flight.
  The title is a shortened version of words which arose in my mind whilst working on this piece -'Here I stand in the sacred night, behold now a myriad stars in the heavens above..this is Space'

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