Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Pyracantha Pyro-Art Piece 'Spirit of the Forest of Dreams'

As I continue to explore 'The forest of Dreams' in my imagination, I have re-visited the Totem Tree which was the subject of a previous pen and ink illustration ( see the post for 4th June 2015) and decided to inscribe this nicely shaped piece of Pyracantha with the Totem Tree Spirit. The piece measures around 11cm in height, with a base of about 4 x 5 cm. The entire piece is pyrographed with the design continuing across the top, and under the base. The wording reads 'I am the Spirit, Light and Life of the Forest...I am the breathof the world.'
Totem Tree Spirit on Pyracantha

The piece measures 11 x 5cm

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'I am the Spirit, Light and Life of the Forest..I am the breath of the world'