Saturday, 6 February 2016


'Runeravens' within Nkuku frame 5cm
'Runeravens' design within a Nkuku frame 5cm
Runes of the Elder Futhark on one side of 'Runeravens' 5cm design
Ravens on one side of my double sided design- 'Runeravens' 5cm
Owl in Nkuku frame. Geese on reverse
This design measures just 5cm
Well as regular readers will know, I really love to work on a small scale. Some years ago when I was immersed in a programme of Buddhist meditation, I did produce some larger pieces of artwork..some as large as A3, still with a high level of detail..but more recently I've enjoyed creating tiny pictures. I love the challenge which comes with working on such a small scale and the pleasure of producing something a little out of the ordinary. Initially I was framing my little circular miniatures in small brass 'watch frames' which I've had by me for a number of years. However, last year I was thrilled to discover these tiny 'Nkuku' frames which are perfect for my tiniest drawings and offer the opportunity to create double sided designs! These lovely little frames are made from glass and brass, hinged so that they open like a locket.
   These little paintings are created using a mix of watercolours, pen and ink and gouache..
'Geese' in a tiny Nkuku frame. Owl on reverse.
  I hope you enjoy looking at this selection of my tiny artworks..
'Magical Hares' 5cm design
Tiny mandala on reverse side of ' Magical Hares'