Friday, 29 January 2016

Synchronicity strikes again!

Like many people I find synchronicity fascinating and wonderful when it happens! It really does leave you wondering...
 In my case synchronicity occurs usually in connection with my artwork..often leaving me awestruck, with a strange feeling that many other creatives must experience - could my creativity in some way effect 'reality' occasionally? A striking example last year ( see post from 20th June 2015)
Little wrens appeared in my latest drawing..
Isn't he sweet!
was when I had just completed my 'Tashi Owl' picture..and within half an hour discovered an owl feather in the woods, when I had never before (or since) found such a feather, nor seen any sign of an owl in the area..
  Todays occurrance came as I sat gazing out of my studio window, watching the birds..I've been doing that everyday since moving here four months ago..enjoying the blue-tits, robins and blackbirds as they feed at my birdtable. My eyes are well trained now to spot the slightest movement among the plants and today my attention was drawn to the trellis where the blue tits usually gather. I was astonished to find myself gazing at a tiny wren! I've never seen a wren in the garden before..and the strange thing is that this comes within a few days of my inclusion of two wrens in my latest drawing 'Lady of the Forest'! It was the first time I've ever drawn a wren so I had to study some pictures online to get an idea of the shape- now one has very obligingly sat as a model!

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