Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Pyrography on Paper

My completed  Pyro -art
Having created my little pyro-miniatures, I attached jump rings to the corners and threaded them on beading wire to create an interesting and unique decorative Art-piece..
Recently I ran short of wood for jewellery making, so had a little bit of spare time just to play with creative ideas..One thing I had a go at was creating tiny pictures similar to my jewellery designs, but using watercolour paper in place of wood.
  Burning paper?!! Well obviously one needs to take a little care to keep the pyrography machine at a low setting, and I wouldn't recommend using thin paper - watercolour paper tends to be fairly thick..and
Tree design

Eagle design

Bumble bee
it works surprisingly well.
  I coloured my paper with an ink wash first, then pyrographed my design in the same way as I would when using wood. Then used a little watercolour paint to fill in and add a subtle colour.I really like the effect of the drawn lines being a brownish hue and lightly 'etched' into the paper. It looks sufficiently different from ordinary drawing to make the exercise worthwhile.