Saturday, 15 August 2015

Pyro-paper Art - Uffington White horse

My framed pyro paintings make an unusual decorative art piece
I'm curently in the midst of the turmoil which comes along with moving house..with the result that it is difficult to find the extended periods of peace and quiet required to immerse myself in longer art I've been creating these tiny pyro paintings, which are exciting and fun to make without requiring too much time.

   I use small pieces of thick watercolour paper which I colour with an initial wash of ink, allowing the colour to spread in a natural way. When dry, the resulting colour and pattern tend to suggest a particular design, which I outline in pencil, then fill in using my hotwire pyrography tool. Finally I use watercolours to add a very subtle colour. I have used beading wire to thread the little pictures together, with added beads, then attached them to a small picture frame.
My homage to the 'Uffington White Horse' is paradoxically..tiny! It measures just 7.5 x 4cm..
Buzzard and mountains..pyrography on watercolour paper.

The Uffington White Horse is a well known and loved chalk hill of a number in Great Britain. The figure is huge, stretching across a chalk escarpement of the Berkshire Downs known by the Anglo-Saxons as 'Hringpyt' - the ring pit. There are a number of earthworks and areas of interest  here, but the horse itself is so large that it needs to be seen from a distance to appreciate the actual form. It is thought to be ancient, although the first written reference to'White Horse Hill' can only confirm that the figure was certainly present within the landscape by the year 1080.