Saturday, 25 July 2015

Painted Double sided Miniature 'The World Turns'

This little paintings measure just five centimetres square.
  I used thick watercolour paper and painted my Owl and Geese designs on both sides, using a mixture of watercolours, inks and gouache.
  I wanted to create two complimentary designs in order to make full use of the tiny copper and glass frame with side I decided on a theme of Day and Night and settled on the Barn Owl to represent night, and the Geese on the wing to represent Day...which could in fact be dawn or sunset.

  The wording also expresses the same theme : 'The world turns' on one side and 'Night becomes day, day becomes night' on the reverse.
Barn Owl for ' Night'
The picture measures 5 cm

Geese for 'Day'

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