Sunday, 19 July 2015

Local walk ( Belper, Derbyshire) Summer 2015

A lovely spot for a little cloud watching..
Wildersley Farm Building
These Blackberry blossoms anticipate Autumn..

A recently shorn sheep chooses an odd pose for my photograph!
A Skipper and a Meadow Brown Butterfly take shelter together amongst the grass.
I adore these red grasses...
Bees are among the many insects attracted to the colour purple

The meadow flowers are home to all kinds of insects...

Soldier Beetles

Already some flowers have gone to seed..

Continuing from my previous post on Belper Parks, I'm sharing some photographs taken recently (12th July 2015) during a short walk across meadows close to my home in Holbrook Rd, Belper. This is a short circular walk I take regularly, with lovely views over 'The Chevin'. The footpath runs alongside farm buildings and across meadows filled with grasses and wildflowers which are a haven for insects. There are sheep pastures and a small densley planted copse of mixed trees. One of the things I enjoy when walking here are the sounds of bleating sheep often mixed with birdsong and from time to time the haunting calls of buzzards circling high above. There is often a breeze here in these uplands..ensuring that the walk involves a complete sensory experience to uplift the spirit..
Stone walls keep in the sheep and frame views over 'The Chevin'
Down in the valley runs the train track for Midland main line
There are some narrow gaps to squeeze through..

The path runs along beside farm buildings then into open meadowlands.


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