Saturday, 22 July 2017

The Track to Garwald

The cottage at Garwald

Samye Ling Tibetan Temple

The long and winding dusty track


   I recently spent a few weeks helping out in the Kitchen Garden at Samye Ling Tibetan Centre, which is situated 'off the beaten track' amidst the beautiful hills and forests of Eskdalemuir in the Scottish Borders.
  My stay involved a two mile walk every morning and evening between Samye Ling and the little cottage at Garwald where I lived with other volunteers. These daily walks became one of the highlights of my visit, and the inspiration for some verses and artwork, along with the photographs taken at Garwald, where I spent a number of evenings watching hares in the meadow and swifts and swallows in the sky above. I never walked the same track twice... as it changed with different weather conditions, sights and sounds and changing light in a continuous flow. My walks were accompanied by the sounds of Garwald Water mixed with bird calls.

                   The Track to Garwald

       Winding through the valley, bright river at your side,
          'Neath cloudy skies or blue..and all the seasons through -
           Each traveller or pilgrim may walk this dusty track
           Leading on to Garwald or to Samye Ling and back...

Garwald Water on a misty morning

Thrush in the meadow..
Garwald Goldfinch 

Hare in the tall grass..

Hare -  what do you see..?
Early morning at the Garwald cottage..
Evening light

Twisted Hawthorn
The contemplative ..