Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Weekend Project - Paper Rune Tiles

This little project brings together quite a few of my particular 'loves', as it involves messing about with inks, making tiny treasures..and Runes!
  I begin with the hugely enjoyable preparation which involves wetting my watercolour paper, applying a weak watercolour wash, then dropping ink splashes onto the wet paper, and letting it all run together!
  Next comes the boring wait for the paper to dry!
  Once dry I can begin to measure out and cut my tiny 'tiles' which measure about 3 x 2 cm.
  Then its time to begin painting the runes, one on each tile, I use white gouche, which stands out nicely against the dark background.
  Finally, each rune is given an additional outline of fine black ink and some added dots..
Runes done- its time to play! I shall be using these to arrange into different patterns and make 'words'..
  Ideas for similar projects are already bubbling away- watch this space!

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