Monday, 21 December 2015

Two Images for Winter Solstice

'Solstice Angel' G.M.R 2015
Today, December 21st (2015) is a day of hope. Shortest day of the year brings with it the promise of lengthening days, the return of Spring, and warmer temperatures..for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere. A day to celebrate indeed! Even more so when, as I did this morning, you awaken to the solstice sunshine streaming through your window, casting beautiful shadows and beckoning you outside.
  So I grabbed my camera and went out to capture what I could of that elusive magic..
Earlier in the week I had been working on a small drawing which I've named 'Solstice Angel'..
  So here are two images representative of my personal Solstice experience in the shire counties of England. I was at home in NOTTINGHAMSHIRE when I made my little drawing, and staying with family in LINCOLNSHIRE when I took this mornings photograph.

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