Sunday, 27 May 2012

Elen of the Ways -An ancient British Goddess

  I have recently come into contact with this fascinating yet little known figure- 'Elen of the Ways'...The ancient Goddess is associated with the old trackways, byways, forests and ley-lines of 'Albion' -the old name for Great Britain. She is a solar deity, also associated with springs of water...and very distinctive as a female antlered Goddess. She has strong connections with reindeer and elk. I have only just begun to get to know her, but have already been inspired to write a short poem in her honour, and to create a pyrographed pendant with some of her imagery...I think she has been guiding me for a while without my knowing, as I produced a drawing over a year ago, called 'Spirit of Albion' which is quite clearly Elen, although I did not know of her at the time.

                                                       Elen of the Ways

     Lady of the ley-lines, Elen of the Ways,
     Essence of the forest, and sacred sunlit days -
     Through dappled green we glimpse her,
     A dance of shimmering Light -
     A vision on the pathway...a graceful Hart of White..

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