Wednesday, 12 October 2011

'A vision of Sherwoode' - A poem by Gill Rippingale

Last night I saw, as though in dream...
Olde Sherwoode Forest, all misty green.
And 'neath a tree stood Robin Hood -
Hero of that fabled wood!

He smiled at me, and seemed to say -
'You see, I never went away...
Here I dwell...and here I'll stay -
To guard the Forest, come what may!'

Then, as I gazed, there shone, so bright -
A dazzling azure and emerald light!
I turned away, I could not look
As earth trembled and forest shook!

When alll was still, I turned to see
With wondrous eyes..a towering tree!
And poised beside that stately Elm..
 A radiant Stag surveyed his Realm...