Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Ode to Nottingham

East Midlands Queen, so fair of face,
Once arrayed in ribbon and lace,
It seems some try to bring you down,
Yet still you wear the county crown -
Your flag of red and green flies high
Admired by all the passers by...

And still within the Market Square
Folk are bustling here and there,
Magestic Fothergill still stands proud
And Little John chimes deep and loud.
The tram heads off for Shipstone Street,
And by the lions two lovers meet...

Around your feet the Trent still flows,
Flowers bloom, The Forest grows,
And every year there comes the fayre
With fun and thrills for those who dare...

And Robin Hood - where are you now?
We still recall your ancient vow...
Tell thrilling tales of all you did,
Of Sherwood Forest where once you hid... 

East Midlands queen you stole my heart!
And thus I offer - this my Art...

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